Dr Ishwar Hosmani
Genaral surgery
Qualification:- MBBS, KMC Hubli, KUD, 1989. MS:- KMC, KUD, 1993. FMAS, FIAGES:- AMAS association,New Delhi, 2007,2012 Field of Expertise:- 24 years Special Interest:- Laproscopy Basic Advanced, Endoscopy Diagnostic , Therapeutic Thoracic Surgeries Gen Surgery & GI Surgery Head & Neck Surgeries. Department Details:- General Surgery Unit Comprises- routine general surgeries, specialised gen surgeries, head & neck surgeries, thoracic surgeries, Thoracoscopy:Diagnostic & Therapeutic. Laproscopy Unit Basic & Advanced Endoscopy Diagnostic Upper Gen surgery, Lower gen surgery. Therapeutic :- F.B removal, Sclerothescopy, Banding / Glup injection, Stent placement, ERCP, Dilatation. Bronchoscopy

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