7 Tips to Prevent Heart Attack.

Lifestyle modification has the impact on preventing a heart attack. in this article , you will learn basic mechanism of heart attack and tips to prevent a heart attack.

Every organ in the human body needs a continuous supply of oxygen and nutrients for survival, and heart is no exception.  This supply of oxygen and other nutrients happens by circulation of blood, and heart pumps and puts the blood into motion.

Although the heart contains blood inside its cavity, it does not use it to for its survival, instead, it depends on coronary arteries.

There are two coronary arteries in the human body, namely, left and right coronary arteries. Left coronary divides into further major branches  LAD and LCX.

A disease process knows as atherosclerosis can affect any vessel in the human body so can affect coronary arteries. Atherosclerosis produces plaques inside the blood vessels thus limiting the flow of blood.


This flow limitation can jeopardise the functioning of the organ affected. If the flow limitation is severe it can even cause the death of part of an organ, leading to catastrophes. Consequences depend on the organ and amount of tissue affected. For example, if the block is for lower limb then subject may lose is a limb, if the blocked vessels is supplying the brain then subject may suffer brain stroke.

Similarly, if the block affects coronary arteries it leads to heart attack.

Prevention of Heart attack

Prevention of heart attack means prevention of development of atherosclerosis.  Following are the tips to  prevent atherosclerosis:

Tips to prevent heart attack
Tips to prevent heart attack

1. Regular exercise

At least 30 minutes brisk walk every day is prescribed exercise prevent the heart attack.

2. Diet rich in vegetables and less in fats and carbohydrates

Have a diet which is rich vegetables, low carbohydrate and fats. Avoid junk food.

3. Control of diabetes

For diabetic patients, control of blood sugar is required. Uncontrolled blood sugar increases the progression of the block inside blood vessels.

Consult your physician regularly take prescribed diet, medication regularly. Do not resist insulin if prescribed by your doctor.

4. Complete cessation of smoking

Smoking kills, and for heart attack, it is a major risk factor.

A patient who has a risk of having a heart attack should stop smoking completely.

Those who are smokers and willing to quit smoking I, suggest consulting a psychiatrist who can help you to quit smoking

5. Moderation or abstinence of alcohol

Alcohol is injurious to health, and we do not have any solid evidence to state taking alcohol is beneficial to the heart. Few reports suggest some benefit, however, this can not be taken as solid evidence.

At the same time, we very well know the bad effects of alcohol.

The recommendation is to avoid alcohol or moderate it.

Undoubtedly heavy drinking harms the heart and also other organs like the liver, brain and pancreas.

6. Control high blood pressure.

The brunt of high blood pressure falls on blood vessels and also on the heart. Keeping tight blood pressure control does have the advantage of preventing heart attack and also prevention of other diseases like brain stroke, kidney damage etc.

Blood pressure control is done by daily exercise, reduction of salt intake, an increase in food containing vegetables and taking prescribed medication from doctors.

7. Reduce blood cholesterol and Obesity

Blood cholesterol can be divided in good and bad cholesterol. Bad cholesterol also called as non-HDL and good cholesterol also called HDL cholesterol.

Reduction of bad cholesterol (non-HDL cholesterol) is beneficial to heart and increase in good cholesterol (HDL cholesterol) is good for the heart.

Reduction of bad cholesterol is achieved by drugs namely statins and an increase of good cholesterol is achieved by exercise.

Reduction of weight or obesity is little different from a reduction of blood cholesterol.

For Reduction of weight taking low-calorie diet has an advantage but low-calorie diet may not reduce blood cholesterol.

A healthy lifestyle is a key to preventing a heart attack. So please follow above methods to protect yourself from a heart attack. consult your doctor regularly follow the instruction and take medication regularly.

Dr Umesh Bilagi

Author: Dr Umesh Bilagi

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